Breeding accessories

If you’re looking for high-quality breeding accessories for your pet birds, you’ve come to the right place at Blattner Heimtierfutter! Our online shop offers a wide selection of items specifically tailored to the needs of bird breeders. Here, you’ll find everything you need for successful bird breeding.

Our Breeding Accessory Categories:

  1. Show Cages: Present your feathered companions stylishly in exhibition cages. These provide ample space and a good view of your birds.

  2. Bath Houses and Trays: Clean birds are happy birds! Our bath houses and trays allow your pet birds to clean and refresh themselves.

  3. Cleaning Brushes: Keep your aviaries and cages tidy. Our cleaning brushes are designed specifically for bird keeping.

  4. Fountains and Drinkers: Ensure a continuous water supply for your birds with our high-quality fountains and drinkers.

  5. Feeding Dishes: The right feeding dishes are essential for a balanced diet for your pet birds. Explore our selection of feeding dishes.

  6. Incubators: Perfect for raising young birds! Our incubators make it easy to prepare sprouted food.

  7. Nets: If you need to safely catch or transfer your birds, nets are indispensable.

  8. Nests and Artificial Branches: Create cozy nesting spots for your birds. Our nests and artificial branches are ideal for the breeding season.

  9. Transport Containers: Whether for a visit to the vet or transportation to exhibitions, our transport containers are practical and secure.

  10. Perches: Provide comfortable seating for your birds. Our perches come in various sizes and materials.

  11. Nesting Material: Support your birds in nest-building with high-quality nesting material.

  12. Color Rings: Mark your birds with color rings. These are essential for identification and breeding management.

  13. Scissors and Clippers: Precise scissors and clippers are helpful for maintaining your birds’ feathers and claws.

  14. Miscellaneous: Explore additional useful accessories for bird breeding.

Browse through our extensive range of breeding accessories for pet birds: Blattner Heimtierfutter - Bird Breeding Accessories. We are your reliable partner for the proper care of your feathered friends!