Gra-Mix Küken- und Wachtelmischung (20 kg)
Gra-Mix Küken- und Wachtelmischung (20 kg)

Gra-Mix Küken- und Wachtelmischung (20 kg)

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20.2 kg per piece
22,95 EUR

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Cardinal special (5 kg)
Special mixture for all cardinal species with a reduced proportion of oilseeds to prevent obesity. This mixture is also suitable for all american Grosbeak Species. Composition: Canary seed, white millet, oat peeled, buckwheat, yellow millet, marocco millet, niger seed, cardy, hemp, japanese millet, sunflower small grain, milk thistle, manna millet, senegal millet, black millet, paddy rice, cucumber kernels, pine seed, lamb's lettuce
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Forest Bird Extra without rape seed (15 kg)
Special mixture for all thick-billed forest bird species such as greenfinches, bullfinches, etc., with a variety of selected wild seeds. Composition: canary seed, Niger, wild seed, oat peeled, linseed, buckwheat, sunflower black, perilla light and brown, milk thistle, hemp, cardy, cocksfoot (dactylis glomerata), chicory, dried rowan berries, sesame, cucumber seeds, white millet, green millet, pine seed , lamb's lettuce seed
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Wellensittich-Endres-Mischung VL (20 kg)
Die eigene Mischung des führenden deutschen Züchters Leo Endres Silberhirse 38%, Kanariensaat 33%, Japanhirse 15%, Haferkerne 11%, Negersaat 3%
31,95 EUR
Exoten-Züchtermischung VL (20 kg)
Zuchtmischung mit u.a. Japan Hirse und kleiner Kanariensaat. 36%, La-Plata-Hirse 28%, Kanariensaat 16%, Japanhirse 10%, Silberhirse 4%, Negersaat 4%, Mohairhirse rot 2%
38,70 EUR