Red Siskin Special (2,5 kg)
Red Siskin Special (2,5 kg)

Red Siskin Special (2,5 kg)

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2.53 kg per piece
13,35 EUR

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Astrilden-Spezial (5 kg)
Special mixture for all fine-billed estrildid finches such as red-billed fire finch (Lagonosticta), common waxbill (Estrilda astrild), painted finch(Emblema pictum), and similar Species. For years appreciated by successful breeders.
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Keimfutter-Astrilden-Spezial (2,5 kg)
Keimfutter für alle feinschnäbligen Prachtfinken. Zusammensetzung: Senegalhirse, Mannahirse, Mohairhirse, Knaulgras, Japanhirse, La-Plata, Silberhirse u.a
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Red Siskin Special (5 kg)
First-class special mixture for red siskins and similar siskins (Carduelis cucullata) Composition: neger seed, cocksfoot(dactylis glomerata), perilla light, perilla brown, chicory, salad seed, red fescue grass, weed seed, sesame seed, turnip rape, linseed light, basil seed, blue poppy seed, chia, linseed brown, chrysanthemum, sesame black, evening primrose
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