Serin V (2,5 kg)
Serin V (2,5 kg)

Serin V (2,5 kg)

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2.53 kg per piece
12,59 EUR

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Serin V (5 kg)
High quality special mixture for all Serinus and Dendrospiza species, such as Red-fronted serin (Serinus pusillus), citril finch (Carduelis citrinella), african citril (Serinus citrinelloides) Composition: cocksfoot (dactylis glomerata), negro seed, chicory, turnip rape, perilla, lettuce seed, canary seed, lamb's lettuce, sesame, linseed light, blue poppy, basil seed, wild seeds, chia
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Bullfinch III (5 kg)
Special mixture for all larger bullfinches and Carpodacus species such as pine grosbeak (Pinicola enucleator), great rosefinch (Carpodacus rubicilla) etc. with a high proportion of pinewood seeds. Composition: Canary seed, pine, cardy, sunflower, buckwheat, milk thistle, niger seed, perilla light and brown, hemp, wild seed, oat peeled, linseed, dried rowan berry, cucumber seeds, chicory, sunflower small grain
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Grassamenmischung Standard (5 kg)
Grassamenmischung mit Weidel/Raygras, Rotschwingel, Lieschgras, Wiesenrisp
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Mosaik-Kanarien-Spezial (2,5 kg)
Zusammensetzung: Kanariensaat, Negersaat, Hafer geschält, Leinsamen braun, Perilla hell, Hanf, Sesam, Japanhirse, Knaulgras
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