Bullfinch III (15 kg)
Bullfinch III (15 kg)

Bullfinch III (15 kg)

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15.08 kg per piece
56,70 EUR

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Fettfutter extra (1 kg)
hochwertige Mischung für kleinere obst- und insektenfressende Vögel. Daneben ist es auch eine Zusatznahrung für Exoten und Waldvögel. Zusammensetzung: Bäckereierzeugnisse, Insekten, Weich- und Krebstiere, Nüsse, Beeren, Früchte, Öle und Fette, pflanzliche Eiweißextrakte, Honig, Zucker, Mineralstoffe. Rohprotein ca. 22 %
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Cardinal special (15 kg)
Special mixture for all cardinal species with a reduced proportion of oilseeds to prevent obesity. This mixture is also suitable for all american Grosbeak Species. Composition: Canary seed, white millet, oat peeled, buckwheat, yellow millet, marocco millet, niger seed, cardy, hemp, japanese millet, sunflower small grain, milk thistle, manna millet, senegal millet, black millet, paddy rice, cucumber kernels, pine seed, lamb's lettuce
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High-quality breeding mixture for all larger crossbills such as parrot crossbill (Loxia pytyopsittacus), red crossbill (Loxia pytyopsittacus) and similar, with a proportion of 50% first-class pine seeds. Composition: Pine soft-shelled, larch, sunflower striped, hemp, perilla light and brown, cardisa seed, glossy, niger seed, linseed, buckwheat
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Parrotfinch I- Special (2,5 kg)
Special mixture for all kinds of parrotfinches like red-eared parrotfinch (Erythrura coloria), Fiji parrotfinch (Erythrura pealii), red-throated parrotfinch (Erythrura psittacea) and similar. From successful breeders at home and abroad recommended for years Composition: Cocksfoot (Dactalys glomerata), canary seed, senegal millet, manna millet, mohair millet, japanese millet, white millet, chicory, sesame, etc.
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