Siskin IV (2,5 kg)
Siskin IV (2,5 kg)

Siskin IV (2,5 kg)

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2.53 kg per piece
11,35 EUR

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Siskin Ia (1 kg)
The top mix for all Siskin species that has been tried and tested for years. Composition: Neger seed, cocksfoot, chicory, perilla light, perilla brown, canary seed, rape, salad seed, sesame, fescue grass, poppy seed, lamb's lettuce, linseed, wild seed, Chia, evening primrose, larch
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Forest Bird Ia (2,5 kg)
Premium special mixture for all fine-billed forest bird species such as siskin, goldfinch, linnet, asian greenfinches and non-european serins Composition: Neger seed, canary seed, rapeseed, cocksfoot(dactylis glomerata), perilla light and brown, wild seed, linseed, oat peeled, sesame seed, chicory, hemp, sunflower peeled, lamb's lettuce seed, poppy seed, fescue grass, Japanese millet, larch seed
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Zeisig - Premium ohne Negersaat (2,5 kg)
Zusammensetzung: Zichoriensamen, Perilla hell, Knaulgras, Kanariensaat, Rotschwingelgras, Sesam, Salatsamen weiß, Chia, Leinsamen hell, Basilikum, Sonnenblumen micro und nano, Lärche
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Siskin II (5 kg)
First-class breeding mixture for red siskins (Carduelis cucullata), Hooded siskin (Carduelis magellanica) and similar siskins Composition: Neger seed, cocksfoot( dactylis glomerata), chicory, perilla light, perilla brown, salad seed, sesame, canary seed, linseed, summer turnip, larch seed, chia, poppy seed, fescue grass
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