Cede Mineralien (1,2 kg)
Cede Mineralien (1,2 kg)

Cede Mineralien (1,2 kg)

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1.2 kg per piece
5,49 EUR

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Zusammensetzung: Kanariensaat, Negersaat, Hafer geschält, Leinsamen braun, Perilla hell, Hanf, Sesam, Japanhirse, Knaulgras
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Special mixture for all Ochrospiza-species like white rumped canary (leucopygia), yellow-fronted canary and similar Composition: Senegal millet, Mohair millet, Mannahirse, Cocksfoot(dactylis glomerata), La-Plata millet, Japanese millet, Silver millet, canary seed, Negro seed, Chicory, Perilla, Sesame seeds, Salad seeds, Chia, Poppy seeds
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