Erdnussbruch weiß gehackt (5 kg)
Erdnussbruch weiß gehackt (5 kg)

Erdnussbruch weiß gehackt (5 kg)

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5.05 kg per piece
17,55 EUR

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A special mixture for many years proven for our domestic Goldfinches, Spruce Siskin (Carduelis spinus) and Black-chinned Siskin (Carduelis barbata) Composition: Niger seed, canary seed, chicory, cocksfoot (dactylis glomerata), perilla light and brown, hemp, sunflower macro, summer turnip, oats peeled, wild seeds, linseed, sesame, salad seeds, milk thistle, poppy seed, chia, evening primrose, larch, teasel thistle
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